Insta Lids (6 Pack)
Insta Lids (6 Pack)
Insta Lids (6 Pack)
Insta Lids (6 Pack)
Insta Lids (6 Pack)

Insta Lids (6 Pack)

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It's time to stop wasting all those plastic cling wraps every time you need to seal your containers or food, and time to start using the reusable Insta Lids!

The Insta Lids conform to the shape of any container, bowl or even food item, whether round, square, rectangular, hexagonal, etc. Each Insta Lid has four beads around the edge, ensuring that your contents remain secure and airtight. Just push the lid over the top of the item and pull one of the tabs to create a vacuum and seal the lid.


  • Silicone storage lids come in 6 different sizes to cover over anything in your kitchen
  • Eco-friendly - Stop tossing plastic wraps in the trash after every use
  • Silicone tops are tight and flexible enough to stretch over all kinds of containers, bowls, pots, and cups
  • Reusable, durable, and won't warp or leak - Heat-resistant to 450˚F and microwave-safe so you can heat up all kinds of food
  • BPA-free, nontoxic, leak-proof, dishwasher-safe, and air-tight to make sure your food is always fresh and clean

Product Details:

  • Color: Blue
  •  6 lids for all your kitchen needs: 
    1) 2.6" - Stretches to 3.5"
    2) 3.7" - Stretches to 5"
    3) 4.5" - Stretches to 6"
    4) 5.7" - Stretches to 8"
    5) 6.5" - Stretches to 9" 
    6) 8.3" - Stretches to 11"
How To Use:

Online-exclusive: not available in stores!

Extremely high demand: allow 3-4 weeks for it to arrive (to be safe). Limit 5 per person!